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  • Shell Helix

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  • Shell Helix

    Shell Helix is at the cutting edge of technology. It’s formulated to improve performance in three key ways: it helps to keep the engine clean, minimise friction and combat wear.

    Shell Helix is one of the engine oils that engineers have in mind when they design their customers’ engines. We have put Shell’s extensive oil-development know-how into every aspect of the Shell Helix formula – from the base-oil technology through to additive selection and blending. So, no matter how stressful the driving conditions on the engine, Shell Helix will help to clean and protect.

    Normal mineral oils can allow dirt particles to stick together and form sludge on engine surfaces. This can prevent proper lubrication and could lead to premature engine failure.

    Shell Helix oils’ active cleansing agents are designed to prevent dirt particles sticking together to form sludge. For example, Shell Helix Ultra removes up to five times as much sludge compared with a normal mineral oil (API SG/CD).

    Our special lubricant-blending quality programme makes sure that Shell Helix oil’s cleansing and protecting qualities meet the same high standards everywhere in the world. This means that motorists and OEMs can rely on Shell Helix performance wherever they are.
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  • Shell Rimula

    Your business depends on your truck, so you need it to work reliably and efficiently. This is why our scientists developed Shell Rimula heavy-duty diesel engine oils, to protect your engine, help you lower running costs and increase reliability.

    Using high quality lubricants can help extend vehicle life, lower fuel bills, reduce maintenance costs, and increase vehicle availability – so that you can keep your trucks on the road for longer. It’s important to use the appropriate lubricants for your truck. The Shell Rimula range lets you choose the level of protection you need in three critical areas: acid control, deposit control and wear control.

    You can rely on Shell Rimula oils to deliver the right level of engine protection in extreme conditions. Add value to your business and keep your trucks running smoothly.

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