Human Resources

Personnel Relations, Philosophy and Ancillary Allowances

Policy of Aksoy Middle East is to treat its personnel and candidates filing job applications regardless of race, color, religion, ethnic and national background, gender, marital status, age or disability. The Company provides equality of opportunity with all of its personnel for improvement based on their abilities and potentials.

Human Resources Policy of Aksoy Middle East creates encouraging and incentive environment in all the units of the organization. Management based on targets and personnel performance rating are regularly used to ensure personnel optimization, motivation, communication, development and determine training needs as well as award each employee according to its own performance.

In addition to the remuneration legally paid, the Company provides the following social benefits:

•    Health Insurance
•    Birth, Death and Marriage Aid
•    Food and Travel Expences

Salaries and Collective Bargaining Agreements

•    Aksoy Middle East is not a party to any Collective Bargaining Agreement. General increase is made once throughout the year due to the economic conditions and practices of the competitors.

Our Employees

A total of 1.610 employees work at Aksoy Holding’s direct and indirect subsidiaries.
Aksoy Holding employs a total of 8 employees.
Aksoy Bodrum REIC (Epique Island), the subsidiary of Aksoy Holding in the Tourism & Real Estate business unit, employs a total of 514 people consisting 20 women, 494 men employees.
Turcas Petrol employs a total of 56 people consisting 22 female and 34 male employees as of December, 2016.
Shell & Turcas Petrol, in which Turcas Petrol has a 30% share, and its controlled subsidiaries, employ a total of 548 people, including 159 female and 389 male employees.
ATAS Refinery, in which Turcas Petrol has a 5% share, employs a total of 60 people, including 3 female and 57 male employees.
RWE & Turcas South Power Generation, in which Turcas Petrol has a 30% share, employs a total of 61 people, including 13 female and 48 male employees.
Yeditepe International Hotels (Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus Hotel), the subsidiary of Aksoy Holding in the Tourism & Real Estate business unit, employs a total of 280 persons consisting of 69 female and 211 male employees.
Aksoy International business unit as of Aksoy International Co., Aksoy Middle East Co. and Aksoy Iraq Co. the subsidiaries of Aksoy Holding 82 employees consisting of 8 female and 74 male employees.
The e-mail address for job applications to be filed with Aksoy Holding is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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